Meet The Doctor

Leslie Horn, DMD

horndrpicDr. Horn is a life-long Kentucky resident and the first female periodontist in private practice in Lexington. She started her periodontal practice in 1993 after completing her residency at the University of Kentucky where she also received her DMD.

Dr. Horn moved her practice to Beaumont Centre in 2010 where she built a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility. Beaumont Periodontics, Dr Leslie Horn uses the latest technology in order to ensure patient comfort and the best possible clinical outcome, including the latest generation I-cat, digital x-rays and paperless charts.

Dr. Horn enjoys learning and teaching, traveling extensively to remain current in the latest dental materials, procedures and techniques, including Spear Education in Scottsdale, AZ and Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy in San Francisco. She shares her knowledge and advances dentistry in Central Kentucky by hosting two Spear Study Groups attended by many of the area’s most respected dental practitioners.

Dr. Horn’s passion is providing the very best dental care to her patients. She is a member of Southland Christian Church and a proud member of the Big Blue Nation. She enthusiastically mentors females in the dental field as well as provides dental services through the Refuge Clinic and mission trips to Central and South America. Dr. Horn lives in Lexington with her husband and has four children.