Financial Policy

We believe our fees and financial policy are commensurate with our levels of education, experience and dental expertise. 

Dr. Horn and Dr. Piche look forward to providing you the best periodontal care and know comprehensive care includes discussing all treatment and financial information. Therefore, before any treatment is performed, we will discuss your treatment options, as well as fees and payment options.  Payment is due at the time services are rendered, but for your convenience we accept all major credit cards, cash, checks and provide financing options with approved credit.

Treatment plans will be honored for 90 days.

We are out-of-network so you get the best possible experience and care

Many highly trained dental specialists, like Dr. Horn and Dr. Piche, choose to be out-of-network for insurance providers. While we are out-of-network, we work with most insurance companies, filing claims and pretreatment estimates on your behalf to ensure you get the benefits you deserve. Our insurance coordinator will promptly file your claim, answer any questions you have, and even file an appeal with your insurance if you feel the coverage provided was incorrect. 

The benefits of selecting an out of network dental specialist

Dr. Horn and Dr. Piche being out-of-network provide important patient advantages compared to in-network dental specialists.     

First, selecting treatment by an out-of-network provider means that insurance has no voice in your care.  Dr. Horn and Dr. Piche work with your general dentist to restore optimal health, function, and esthetics for a lifetime.  We serve as an integral part of your team in providing information, encouragement, and exceptional care to achieve this goal.  We feel an insurance company should not be part of the conversation and as out-of-network providers we ensure they are not. 

Being out-of-network allows Dr. Horn and Dr. Piche to spend time with you to ensure all your questions are answered and you are fully comfortable with your doctor and treatment plan.  When it’s time for your procedure you can be confident that the best materials, equipment and technology will be used and every measure will be taken to ensure your comfort and the best possible clinical outcome. 

Some truth about dental insurance

There is a common misconception that dental insurance is the same as medical insurance, just for your teeth. However, they are very different.  Dental insurance primarily provides reduced or no-cost preventative care like cleanings and has limited financial bearing on advanced dental procedures provided by Dr. Horn and Dr. Piche.  The annual maximum that is found in all dental plans, usually around $1,500 per year, is almost always met by the time you see Dr. Horn or Dr. Piche.  Additionally, dental insurance has many exceptions to coverage.  Examples include commonly denying implants as being unnecessary; denying coverage for an implant if the tooth was extracted before your policy became active; denying coverage for cleanings more frequently than every six months even when your dental and overall health require it; denying coverage for a graft deemed “not dentally necessary” even though the recession is causing sensitivity and discomfort. Dental insurance gives the insurance company a loud voice in your dental care and overall health in return for limited financial assistance or no assistance at all in advanced procedures.

Effective July 2022, dental providers can charge their normal service fees on procedures after your annual maximum is reached. This further diminishes the value of dental specialists being in-network.